View Full Version : Acer H5360 DLP and NVidia 3D at G75 - Problem?

08-24-2013, 04:41 AM
I just buyed myself a Acer H5360 DLP beamer.
My problem:

if I want to use 3D, the shutterglas only works, if the monitor of my G75 is also visible, alongside the beamer screen.
Ok, its possible o switch off the Laptop screen (dark) but its still rather anoying thing that the laptop still does need to be in view.

What am I doing wrong. Is there a setting for this? Or is there no way to solve this, because.... the glasses need this infra-red signal from the computer for synchronizing reasons (or whatever?)

Thanks for help! :)

08-26-2013, 09:29 AM
Ok, I meanwhile learned that its right... the 3D Vision glasses need permanent contact to the infra-red sender, wich is either an USB dongle with desktop pc or build into the monitor lid of a 3D capable laptop like the G75 series.

So, indeed there is no other way than having the Monitor lid of the laptop maximum 5 steps in front of the visitors.
Thats not a problem with gaming, because one usualy operates the laptop while doing it, you use that external "monitor" (a wall or whatever) to watch the game in XXL (I also got the impression that 3D works better beamed than on an LCD screen.

In a setup to watch 3D Movies however one needs to take this into account when planning where you place all the hardware. Hmm.