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08-24-2013, 10:08 PM
Hello all,
I have the Asus G75VW-AH71 laptop.
I have been trying to locate an advanced UEFI on this system. Here is a link to an example of the kind of UEFI I am looking for.


When I enter the BIOS I get the usual AmeriTrends BSOD-looking BIOS :p Nothing wrong with that, I am just looking for more options from my BIOS.

I recently updated by BIOS with the most recent version provided on the Asus support site.

BTW I am running Windows 8 so I enter the BIOS in the following manner:
Go to settings
Go to change PC settings - General tab
Advanced Startup
As my restart option I choose to enter into UEFI

I have attempted to enter the UEFI by hitting buttons at start up,
such as: del, f2, f10, f12, backspace, asdadfgjwrg
But none of these get me there. Also I have a SSD installed so I only have 2 seconds to button mash before the OS is loaded :p

08-25-2013, 01:28 AM
The UEFI interface is dependent on the individual motherboard, which is not as advanced in the case of the G75 laptop vs the desktop mobo. Remember, most people who build their own desktops want all the tweaking power, and they can cool their OC'ed components in a desktop case. Laptops are a totally different story, so there is not near the flexibility, and neither is their the nice interface. The UEFI system is actually independent of that interface. It's just that the G75 has a lousy interface.

08-25-2013, 08:34 PM
Ohhh ok I see. Thanks Zyggy for the explanation. I figured that for some reason my model didn't have all those tweaking options. The physical limitations of a laptop definitely explains why all those options wouldn't be available.