View Full Version : Screen flashing on battery?

08-28-2013, 11:51 AM
Hi there!
My, about 1 year old (my rog account from that time is lost, so I had to make a new one), G75 now started something, that never apeard before: The screen (but beamer too, so its not the screen! It first apeared when I tested my new beamer, so I thought the beamer is damaged) flashes every.... dont know 10-20 seconds or so. This seems to only apear when on battery, but it didnt do something like this on battery before? (yes it now does it too, when not attached to the beamer)

What is that?


08-29-2013, 06:12 AM
you mean when plug adapter is normal,only battery mode?

08-29-2013, 02:59 PM
you mean when plug adapter is normal,only battery mode?
Yes. It never happens plugged (and its in use like 8 hours per day, usualy plugged)

OK, I now have more information when exactly this seems to happen.
I am right now on battery.... it did not flash. Then, when I went to google maps it flashes every time after I moved the map. Tried moving other things like windows, but no flash.

I then tried to start world of warcraft (of course not playable on battery but wanted the log in screen) and voila... in the login screen it flashes in 5 second intervals. I then did nothing but plug in.... and it stopped.