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09-10-2013, 03:52 PM
Hi all, a newbie here.

After way too much thinking about it I've decided I want a G750. However it seems that this laptop is not without its issues, and I'm ok with that cos for my requirements this laptop comes out way on top for the price, so I want to make sure that if I am unlucky first time around that I can get it replaced quickly and easily.

I live in UK and most places that stock these seem to either have a poor returns policy or are ridiculously overpriced. Can anyone recommend a good store in the UK, especially a place with a good returns policy and isn't too overpriced?

09-29-2013, 01:01 AM
Hi Guys

After a lot of research I decided to but from www.asuslaptop.co.uk. Very happy, ordered standard (3-5 business days) arrived the next day. Item intect, and perfect. I say that because at the time of writing I was struggling to get a good recommendation for a UK supplier and all in all they were flawless. Asuslaptop.co.uk were advertising an 8GB mobel for slightly more than the 6gb factory stock. One thing I did though, is I called them up before making my purchase and I asked them about the memory config. I wanted to make sure that the G750-JW with 6gb ram, sold at 30 more as an 8gb model still had the 2 slots free. My specific question was 'what is the memory voltage and configuration?". The guy took about 2 mins to come back to me and told me that there would be a 6gb laptop as supplied by ASUS, but with one of the free slots occupied by an extra 2 gb ram. Fair play. Knowing that I didnit want 2gb added for 30 I wend for the 6gb, FHD GX765.

Went to bed hinking it would arrive about 3-6 dayds later. Which was fine, cos I also planned on ordering a nice little 250GB SSD and and extra 16GB RAM from Amazon the next day.

Ahhh. What a fine sleep one has after months and months trying to work out the best between Alienware, HP, Apple(yea right I love paying 3kx for Unix), and, apologies for this, but at one point I acually considered buying a Dell.


Ah cmon man... I just got back from getting highly drunk after I ordered my now laptop, Go away please and sell double glazing to some other fool.


Sir, package for Rubik Lebouwski. (not my real btw)


So. Credit to www.asuslaptop.co.uk. and if anyone is wondering, themn yes I can recommend them. Carefull though, no idea about their returns system in action (athough I did enquieur and the said it was sweet[yea right]).

Ok. So I got my G750-JW. Oh...... I bet you'd like a review. Well you're in luck, Read on...

Well, the first thing you're gonna notice is...it's the best bloody laptop you have ever seen. Oh My Hawkin, it is a beautiful thing to hold. Except you can't really hold for more than about 8 seconds cos it's too heavy. Which is good, because it is heavy for a reason. At this point, everybody who just wants a netbook please find another forum.
Ok, the second thing is that is is SUPER FAST. Example: My uses are; 1) Tek. 2) Heavy gaming. 3) other stuff

Tbh I dont do 3d, so I have no opinion on that.

But, if you are reading this, and wondering what to buy, and the G750 is on your list then, as far as I can see it then you have the following options;

MSI GT70 -- 1600
Alienware -- 1600
ASUS G750 - 1000

Finally, some bad points;

1) The smudges. Yes. this is a big problem. SOLVED - Methylated Spirit and a Soft Cloth. I used this and seriously- 2 minutes and my Sheila (that's my lappy's name) looks exactly the same as how I recieved her. Careful though. A TINY bit on Meths is more than enough.

2) The screen. It is a minor problem, and actually a matter of taste, I personally see them horizontal lines and they just remind me of green screen low resolution. My lovely girl looks sweet. But if you must persist with this eyesight bollocks then I understand that you can uninstall your actual eyes and replace them with beetroot. Or actually there's an ASUS app which makes it better.

3) The Haswell is Glued In. Yep it acutally is. And who really gives a ****.

4) Windows 8. Yep yepety yep yep yep. I cannot think of a single reason to adulterate this wonderful laptop with such an offensive and downright obstructive and ugly operating system. I have it, and I hate it. It makes me swear. I dislike is so much that I just actually STRUCK my ASUS G750 in a moment of weakness. And that makes me feel SOOOO bad and redemptional (if that even is a word).

5) ASUS do NOT provide a Windows 7 option. This is very bad. Damn you Microsoft. Damn You ASUS.