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09-14-2013, 04:44 AM
Hi! I'm now deceived about my G7sx. It worked pretty good first months. It is used a lot for 3d softwares like 3dsmax, z-brush-
mudbox, intensive Photoshop. Great performances, but the problem is about the power connector. It is really broken. The
battery is about half of her life. So I really have to use the AC power to run my softwares. I need to run them with 4gear high
performance, of course. And the connector isn't working so good. It's seems really broken. I don't want to burn my

It is stiill under warranty (costco wholesale services) but I will lose access of this computer for about a month.
I have to send the computer about 900km away, with usc parcel post, so it can take between 2 weeks-1 month apparently to
have it fixed and returned. My questions: Is it a common problem for a so expensive gamer computer? Generally, is it easy to ffix?
Last question. All my softwares are installed on d and e partition. C is used for windows only. And "crap" I can reinstall
easily. If the motherboard has to be changed, as the connector is "connected" to, well, do I will lose all my datas on d-e-f
partitions? Or windows will be reinstalled on C and others partitions are untouched?

Please, sorry for my poor english, I hope my problem is well explained! Thanks for your support. This computer is very important for
me! I know I will have to change the battery (the wear charge is 45%) but apparently, it can be changed at the same
time it is repaired. It's not the same office. It seems pretty complicated. I'm a bit lost. I heard so many bad stories about
services after sale. Now, it's my turn. They sent me another power cable, but it was in a really bad condition, not new, and
already broken, it was evident! It's not beginning very well. So I have a bad feeling... :(

So, I'm now really sad about my computer. Can I expect to keep it a bit more, or I have to consider to buy a new one?
Thanks for your comments-advice! Have a nice week-end!

09-16-2013, 03:06 AM
1. if you change MB, i think it is same mondel, maybe no need to reinstall OS, if need, you can tell ASUS service center to save you D,E data.
2. if you send to asus service center time still in warranty, i think it is under warranty.

09-17-2013, 04:11 PM
Hi! thanks for your answer. As it was only 1 year warranty from Asus, it's not Asus anymore. It's Costco's conciergerie services now. Computer was bought feb. 2012. Don't know why this model is only 1 year warranty though. Maybe Asus built stuff especially for Costco? I'm still waiting for the box to send the computer. So complicated. As soon as I have the box I will call to be sure connector is under warranty.

09-18-2013, 06:27 PM
If you're worried about your data, you probably want to back it up first anyway and check if they plan to erase anything.

If you can do it safely, you might check if you can remove the hard drive before sending it back although that might make it difficult for the techs to check things sometimes, but it's an idea.

If you remove the hard drive and get an external hard drive housing for your hard drive, you can connect it to another computer through USB to access the data.

09-18-2013, 11:30 PM
Hi! Well, I finally sent the computer to repair in a local shop. I'm not going to sent this computer 1000 km away. Anyway, not sure the repair from Costco is free, and franckly, I'm not expecting good services from them. They sent me used power cable, in so bad condition. They sent me a
too smal box. The warranty is over in 4 months only anway. I can afford to repair in a local shop. But I'm not impressed. This computer is a bomb, but since day 1, I was surprised by the power supply design. Not build for thi s heavy computer. :( I hope I can have a free battery from costco. In a better shape than the cable!!! Thanks for your answers. The shop said they are removing the hard drive before opening the computer, so my datas will be safe. I made a quick backup anyway. The connector issue seems common with Asus. A so little piece for so much trouble!

09-20-2013, 02:53 AM
Hi! have another question. I will post on the same topic. Is it better to use a power cable with a 90 degrees tip? I have one for my old vaio and I never had any problem with the connector. I've seen some via Internet sellers. Any advice about it? Please and thanks!

09-24-2013, 03:39 PM
Hi! have another question. I will post on the same topic. Is it better to use a power cable with a 90 degrees tip? I have one for my old vaio and I never had any problem with the connector. I've seen some via Internet sellers. Any advice about it? Please and thanks!

Well they say a lot of things take out stress out of the jack. Some people also clip the cable to a table. Or add a rubber stop to it. I still think mine broke without any sort of physical stress involved...

If you have anything to test voltage you can test the connector that comes from the psu. Put it in 20V and place one pin on the inside and one on the outside. The polarity (positive or negative), should be always the same, even if you move it / the cable. If it changes without switching the pins then it is a psu problem.

If not, and if you are experiencing a lot of psu connected / disconnected while being used; then it is probable that the internal power jack is either about to brake or the positive lead got somehow carbonized and not enough current goes threw. Either way needs a replacement which involves desoldering the old connector from the mb and soldering a new one.

After replacing it myself the first time and having it fail after 3 months I decided to put a generic internal power jack, the positive wired with 2 .5mm cables and the negative with 6 (I know its overkill, but didn't wanted to risk the cables getting near the temp to melt the solder). The jack I used also has a nut that presses to the case, so it will only move if the force applied is big enough to brake the laptop side. Haven't had a problem since then. Hopefully this is permanent.

I believe the positive end is too thin and that, summed up perhaps with thermal shock (going from hot to cool fast), makes it fail. When too much current gets threw something not big enough it heats up badly. If you can trust your local repair shop to adapt a different plug to the notebook I would recommend doing so. I know there are other users that did similar modifications, but since I haven't logged in a long time I don't recall where those threads are...

If they already done the replacement just stick to it until it brakes again. Hopefully it will not happen. But, given my experience, I wouldn't count it as a permanent solution.

Either way, good luck!

09-24-2013, 03:55 PM
Hi! thanks for your answer. It's a bit complicated. I'm totally lost.. It's not repaired yet, my local shop forgot to call me, Just called them, and authorized them to open the portable. The battery is almost died, but the cables are fine. At least. I asked to do some clean-up, maybe the dust can be a problem, It's not harmful anyway. I'm waiting for the connector, they will tell me if they can do something. Thanks again, I will let you know.

And for the 90 degree angle cable? Is it a good idea to buy one? If someone knows something compatible with the G74sx, let me know please! Not sure Asus is having one.

09-24-2013, 05:38 PM
Hey, I see what you mean about complicated, haven't given any advice in a long time :P

I wasn't sure if your power connector was actually broken or if it was not working well. So I described every possible scenario I could think of.

The power connector is attached to the motherboard. If it broke, it can be replaced without having to buy a new motherboard. Since it is on the edge of the mb, there aren't a lot of things around and it is a big piece, it is a relatively easy job for someone with soldering skills.

Here is a link to the original connector of the g73x:


If you look closely you will notice a tiny yellow pin. That is in charge of supplying all the positive charge to the motherboard. If you look around the forum you will find dozens of people that had to replace it.

Given that this connector failing is a common issue, replacing it with the same connector may result in the same problem after some use. That is why I recommend placing a generic 5.5 / 2.5 mm female connector instead. This is the one I installed in my notebook (it is a g53, but it has the same power connector issue as the g73):


It is a bit more complicated to place a connector that is not meant to be there, like the original one. I had to solder wires from the connector to the motherboard. Also it didn't fit threw the whole, I had to make it thicker with a knife. This is what it looks like on the outside:


So, if you can trust your repair shop to do a nice job you may want to go with a generic replacement instead of an original one. If you do so you wouldn't have to worry about stressing the cable anymore.

As for the 90 degree cable, I never understood how that could relief the connector of stress, but I'm no physicist. Perhaps it does help somehow, but I think the safest bet is to place a tougher connector rather than to prevent any sort of stress that may happen from external forces. Since you already have to replace it and you are not going to the warranty, it seems like a nice idea.

09-25-2013, 05:10 PM
Hi! Thanks Brecker for the clear explanations. My Asus is a G74sx, but I know understand better what is the issue. I will send a link to my local repair shop for this entire topic. It may help them. It's the first time I'm going to this shop, so I don't know if I can "trust" them or not, but I know something, I will give a try to repair now, and if the problem is happening again before next february, well, I will send the computer to to Costco conciergerie services. I'm still waiting a call from the local shop though.

Thanks again for your time, I really appreciate! Have a great day!

Forgot to tell, the link for ebay is not working for me. Apparently because I'm from Canada.

09-25-2013, 06:51 PM
Your welcome :)

I didn't actually get the generic connector on ebay, I bought it in a local electronics shop for about 0.3$, but it looks exactly as the one I linked. They are quite common. I just told them I need a 5.5 mm outer diameter and 2.5 inner diameter connector that can handle 150 watts at 19.5 volts.

Just fyi, any sort of repair on the motherboard will require to fully disassemble the machine and partially removing a sticker that asus considers it as warranty seal. There is a chance that they can do this without them noticing the sticker was temporary unsticked. I'm not sure how costco handles warranty, but if you are not going to place the original connector there is a big chance they will deny your warranty. And even if it is the original and the work is untidy or you mention it to them they may deny it as well.

But then again I'm from a country where all the manufacturers deny us a real warranty, even asus. You only get warranty on machines bought directly from them at a price three times premium, and even then it may turn to be quite a hazzle. So i may be wrong on the warranty terms. But still I think you shouldn't count on it after repairing it. I actually switched from hp to asus because the official hp argentinian warranty tried to scam me 700 usd on replacing a motherboard that didn't need to be replaced, it just needed a new sound board which was not onboard; and the machine was 750 new at the time. After that I decided I rather have no warranty than that... but I'm going offtopic here :P

09-27-2013, 11:48 PM
Thanks again Brecker. Well, finally, I will send the computer to costco. All seals are unbroken. The local shop didn't break any. Nothing was repaired, but I had to pay around 70$, even they did nothing. :( But it's fine, the warranty is still running. I will send the computer in the original box. I will let you know how it was finally fixed. My daughter is prepared to wait (it's her laptop) At least the trouble was not during exam session. She just graduated in 3d-animation. That computer was bought not for games, but for 3d softwares! We looked at many brands, and Asus got the most powerful laptop, at a reasonable price. Alienware was too expensive. A desktop would have been preferable finally. But it's a bit too late. I paid around 2,000$ for this computer, I'm expecting at least 3 years. My old vaio is almost 4 years, and it begins to heat a bit, but I don't want to invest a cent for it. I am saving my money for the Asus laptop!

Thanks again for your time! Have a nice week-end. By the way, I'm not surprised many not-so honest people are smelling easy money. When it comes to computer repairs, well, there are many "scammers", unfortunately. :(

10-06-2013, 04:01 PM
Hi! The computer was sent and is already back, in fact, Purolator tried to deliver friday. But we missed the call, so we had to pick it up a bit later. Connector has been changed apparently. The computer is a g74sx and they replaced for a g73 power jack. It's pretty tight. No loose at all, I hope it will last for a while. The warranty will be over next Februaray! They did a fans clean-up as well. And they also performed stress tests and full system diagnostics-functional tests. Unit passed OK. What are these tests if I may ask????

Before I'm closing my topic, I had an idea, is it better to unplug the psu via the surtense bar? So the connector won't have to be plugged-unplugged all the time. My 2 cents idea. Is it better or not?

Thanks again for your support! Have a great week-end!