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09-14-2013, 09:13 AM
Alright so last Saturday I bought this laptop from Best Buy! It is the G750JW-BBI... I forgot, but you get the point. The one and pretty much only bugger about this is the 5400rpm drive, which is easily fixable. What I have is a few questions.

1) - Does this laptop already have all the sata connectors needed to put in a fresh new ssd?

2) - Is there a difference in the drive bays? For say, what if I made a bootable windows 8 disc or whatever I chose to do, put in the new ssd, put the image on that and then transfer over the files, will it matter which bay the ssd is sitting in (which will be running the OS)? I know this might sound crazy stupid, but I really am just wondering, because I am quite new at this, and if anyone culd give some input on how this process would be done or link me to a page that tells me so, that would be great. :D

3)- Is the Samsung 840 Pro 256gb SSD a good choice? I've been researching for a few days now, and I am almost certain this the drive I am wanting to go with.

4)- Will an SSD really even be needed for a laptop that is primarily used for gaming, and rarely ever used for photo/video editing? It seems a bit overkill to pop an ssd into an expensive computer that would be made more expensive only to not be needed really for the purposes of why I bought it and why I'm using it.

Thank you for any input given in my situation, it is all very much greatly appreciated.

I hope you all have a splendid day!

edit - Link to the SSD (http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Electronics-2-5-Inch-Solid-MZ-7PD256BW/dp/B009NB8WRU/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1379145421&sr=1-3&keywords=samsung+840+256gb)

09-14-2013, 09:48 AM
pman3255, it is unnerving just how much an SSD changes the performance aspects of the G750, it is amazingly quicker and more responsive at everything. The slow HD really does a dis-service to the rest of the high performance hardware in the G750.

The problem with SSD's is they aren't cheap, but you really want a drive the same size or close to the same size as the HD to make cloning easier, otherwise you have to play games with resizing partitions.

When I got my SSD for the G750 the best deal was for the 512GB Samsung 840 Pro, but if I were doing it today, I would get the 1TB Samsung Evo - about $100 more than I paid for the 512GB at the time, but worth it.

When cloning the 1TB HD to the 512GB SSD I had to resize the DATA partition on the 512GB SSD destination so I could fit the Recovery partition at the end of the 512GB SSD.


I used Macrium Reflect, which is free for non-commercial use. To clone click the checkbox on the source partitions up through DATA, then "clone" and resize the DATA partition on the destination so there is enough room at the end of the destination for the recovery partition - then click and drag the Recovery partition on the source to the destination (don't just check the include box and click clone, it won't work) then click Next to actually do the cloning.


The G750 comes with an empty drive tray in the 2nd 2.5" drive bay, so I put the SSD in there to clone to it. And, yes both bays already have the 2.5" SATA connectors.

After cloning, which took about 20 minutes, I pulled out the HD and moved the SSD to the drive bay that held the HD, leaving the HD out of the laptop. That way the boot config is using the same interface.

It is good to preserve the original HD config in case you have to reinstall the HD to send in the laptop to Asus for service - Asus require all the original pieces to be in the laptop to get service.

I use the HD in a USB 3.0 case to make occasional backups to the empty DATA partition, but leave the rest of the HD alone.

You can see from the free space listed in the jpg snapshot of the partitions above that I couldn't use a 256GB SSD, but if you have less stuff to install, you might get away with a 256GB SSD. It would probably require resizing the C partition as well.

It looks like the EVO 512GB isn't that much more than you were looking to spend on the Pro 256GB:


When I migrated to the G750JX I did the cloning with the SSD in the USB 3.0 case to see how much longer it took, and it was about the same amount of time. I would recommend a good quality SSD 3.0 case over a 2.0, it really makes a big difference in performance.


A couple of other notes.

Use a magnetic screwdriver to remove the drive tray screws, and put them safely somewhere so you don't lose them. If a screw drops into the laptop, carefully plan the exit of the screw and turn/spin the laptop upside down on a white clean surface so you can see it when it comes out - they are really small screws.

The set of screws for the spare HD tray are in a little plastic bag taped to the inside of the G750 accessories cardboard box.

I would recommend opening the access cover on the back before embarking on getting parts, so you have an idea what you are getting in to.

Loosen the 1screw under the rubber cover on the middle of the bottom of the laptop, it doesn't come out. Then pop off the cover carefully so as to not break the retaining tabs.

Some people have complained about breaking the tabs when removing the back cover, I think they watched this video on how to remove the access cover - jump ahead to 1:50 to watch him rip out the cover.


I take quit a bit more care than that to remove the cover and I haven't broken any of the tabs. To put it back in I start by placing the cover hinge tabs in place first then slowly push in each place where there is a tab, left and right, until it is all flush and in place.

In the video it looks like they already removed the 2nd drive bay disk tray.

If you go with the 256GB SSD, please post back what you did to get the cloning to work for you.

09-14-2013, 09:33 PM
honestly, I just slapped in an accelerator ssd, 64 gig I think and it did just fine. I load a lol map either first or second in a match if that tells you anything