View Full Version : Problems with corrupt mouse icon, HDMI sound and DriverEasy

09-15-2013, 03:27 PM
Ok. So i am trying to update my drivers to fix a few problems, which i have never done successfully before. My issues are:

1) Mouse artifacting/corruption in dual-screen mode(connected via HDMI). First it turns in to some lines, which sometimes is fixed by moving it back and forth between screens. Other times the arrow cursor gets messed up and putting over text turns it in to a black box. Fixed by reboot.

2) Sound on TV(Connected via HDMI casing the screen to go blank for a second and sound muted if no sound has played on it for over 10 seconds.

3) Going in to sleep mode disables HDMI sound(Again connected to TV) with no way to re-enable short of rebooting.

i found a program called DriverEasy, but its telling me to use a driver for a mobility 5800, when my model is 5870. If someone can help with the above issues, or tell me if the driver would work or recommend a better *Free* program for updating them.