View Full Version : Not so random crashing. Suspect heat issues. Checked normal things, though.

08-26-2011, 11:18 PM
Okay, re-making the situation is kinda hard, so I don't really get to see the temperatures on the CPU when it crashes.

There are no event logs from the crash (hints the heat issue).

The game I was playing is not very graphic intense(League of Legends), especially considering other games I've played. (WoW on Ulti, Crysis 2 on Ulti, etc.)

I have the computer elevated additionally, the rear of the laptop about 1" off my desk. The room behind the laptop is also clear, with nothing to block airflow at all.

This is not a recent problem, nor does it happen often. I have taken the entire laptop apart to see the fans (my warranty was already void xD ). They were clean as new.

Any help of what to do to discourage the overheating issue would be appreciated.


08-27-2011, 02:06 AM
If you strongly suspect a heat issue and you are comfortable taking it apart then I would repaste and remount the CPU & GPU. You may not be getting enough thermal conductance. Then again it might not be heat related at all. Hard to track down with no BSOD message or log files though.