View Full Version : G74's Original Seagate HD is failing; Is it Still Warrantied?

09-15-2013, 09:28 PM
Purchased a G74SX-XC1 from newegg in Nov. 2011. The HD is now failing, as verified by Seagate's SeaTools (it's a Seagate drive).

I was gonna go buy a new one when I thought 'gee, the old one might still be under warranty'. If so, how would I go about getting it replaced; thru Seagate, or thru Asus? Also, if/when I get a new one, can/should I get SATA III 3 mb/s...which the original has, or can my computer use (and/or take advantage of) the faster, 6 mb/s speeds I'm seeing on drives now?

Asus is closed today, and I figure someone here must know the answers.

Thanks for your help!

09-16-2013, 01:57 AM
if your have not change HDD before, the seagate is asus shipping HDD, you will take back to asus, i think you can select HDD what you want, but i think just speed difference, because for HDD spec if not support, you plug high speed HDD, it will down speed.