View Full Version : Any 5.25 bay speakers available? Or is it custom time?

09-15-2013, 11:10 PM
Hey all,

I've been looking up and down the net and can't seem to find any 5.25 bay speakers of good quality.

Has anyone found any?

I have a Cooler Master HAF XB case that I use for portability and going to LAN parties. I think adding some portable speakers to it would make it that much more of an "All-in-one" LAN computer if you will. I know I could just use my Orion Pros and call it a day, but sometimes we want to listen to music and I think it would be awesome doubling as a music box lol.

If there really isn't any out there of great quality, I was thinking of fabricating my own with some good sounding speakers. Possibly some high end tweeters from the inside of a car or just buy some good headphones and fabricate the speakers in the bay cover.

Any help and input would be appreciated!

Thanks again guys!