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09-16-2013, 08:36 AM

Going straight to the point

I bought an Asus G75VW as four days ago, the computer I got was used, so the dealer changed my laptop, asus sealled warranty.

Here the problems (compared with the computer that originally gave me)!

1 - When I pressed the ROG button (next to the power button) came out on the screen graphic / design a car that said "3D ON / OFF 3D" .... with new computer nothing comes out ... is a problem? BIOS update will be the solution? There is no driver for that! (Same goes with the keyboard backlight UP / DOWN Brightness)
With the update BIOS_221 ... any of the new parameters fix that problem?
1.Modify ASID.
2.Update GOP

I can update the BIOS without any problem with Win8? I have the version G75VX.204 10/31/2012

2 - Do not know if it means anything or not but ... does not have the sticker that had the previous computer .. which is just to the right of the touchpad, which indicates the specifications.

Could this be the same computer but with manufacture date back?

Thank you so much!!

09-16-2013, 10:12 AM
Well if you'll download Hwinfo64 (http://www.hwinfo.com/download.php), this program will detail every thing about your hardware plus lots of other things like Temps, fan speeds.

09-16-2013, 10:21 AM
i see the problem now i purchase a G75VW and they give me a G75VX LOL maybe that's the problem with the ROG button..some one tell me please if you have the same situation

09-16-2013, 07:13 PM
Well unless you have a 3d model, what you get with the ROG button is to switch between Power Profiles. I don't have a 3d model so I can't comment on those models. I do know that the 3D models have a 1080 screen with a refresh rate of 120 MHz so maybe you don't have a 3D model?