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09-18-2013, 03:59 PM

Today I've bought new WiFi card Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 and I had Atheros AR3011.
After installation of new WiFi card I went to test it for a day. Unfortunately I'm unhappy with results.
Download and upload speed is very low compare to old wifi card.
Examples from speedtest.net - old: download 55 Mbps / upload 5 Mbps | new: download 7 Mbps/ upload 3 Mbps.

I would like to get suggestion which wifi card is right for my laptop to get stable interne. I have a lot of disconnects in game and while streaming games with Atheros. Also big troubles I have with Atheros when laptop is just booted and i need to wait 5-10 min till i get wifi connection, with new Intel I have now instant wifi connection.

10-04-2013, 09:36 PM

Red Rose
10-08-2013, 01:25 AM
Assuming that your wifi router or the location in which your trying to get "good" wifi is NOT a problem, I would reocmmend one of these two wireless cards for your G74Sx.

- Bigfoot Wireless 1103: This you can also get at eBay. I switched over to this because it is pretty strong at maintaining a stable connection, you can allocate bandwidth to specific programs, using the software they give you which is decently nice, and it allos the option of a 3rd antenna installed. I personally use this now instead of the intel 6300 because i do not need the hotspot option. The downside is that these bigfoot cards cost double that of the intel 6300 and due to poor quality inspection, I was lucky to get one, from eBay, that worked without problem.

- Intel Centrino 6300N: You can get these from ebay for about 25-40dollars because that's where I got mine. Made by intel, it really is a solid card that I wish was standard on all laptops. The first reason you would get this card is because its cheaper than the first option and a big plus is that you use this card to make your laptop a mobile hotspot. So if you want a versatile card that is still reliable, and can have an extra option of of becoming a hotspot for your friends while being affordable, go for this one.

I own both of these cards and have customized my G74SX. I switch out the wirless cards depending on my situation. When im gaming away from home, i install my bigfoot 1103. If I need to be a hotspot, I would use the 6300N further explanation below.

The Hotspot: The 6300N is a wonderful card that i underestimated. Real example: I currently attend a college where the wifi is just horrible. None of my friends with stock wifi cards cannot even connect to and maintaina stable connection 85% of the time. The 6300N however is pretty strong so I could always connect no problem. When asked I would turn my lpatop into a hotpsot with the 6300N and was able to have 7-9 computers connected to me while also having stable wifi. No lie, I love that hotspot ability when needed.

Good Luck on your decision.

~ Patrick