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08-28-2011, 02:02 PM
Okay so a little while ago I started to get some high temps on my JH while gaming (95+ degrees even while just in menus). I ordered some ICD7 and some 1mm thermal pads from Fujipoly. 2 weeks ago i disassembled the machine following the disassembly video, did the repaste job and reassembled it making sure no cables were loose or getting crimped (The company I used to work for contracted for IBM so I have a fairly decent amount of experience when it comes to these things). After that I ran Furmark burn for 2 hours with no problems, the highest temp was 82 degrees.

Everything worked fine for the 2 weeks since, but earlier tonight I was had just loaded up a game and got a GSOD. After this I did a forced powerdown, and rebooted. When I booted into windows (safe mode) I got a message saying that the driver I had installed was not compatible with my version of CCC, also my GPU wasn't being detected. I went to run DriverSweeper and as I clicked on the AMD box the screen went black then started to flicker diagonal lines, blue and white across segments of the screen. I immediately turned the machine off, went to reboot it and when it turn on, the charge light was on, the screen light was on, then the hdd light flicked on then off, and the machine restarted. It repeated this about 4 times before it booted into windows.

After about 3 minutes, I got the same black screen with segments of coloured stripes, so I rebooted but now it won't boot at all, will not even post.

I have BIOS 211, v93 VBIOS, upgraded to Intel n6200 and all other drivers up to date.

I'm thinking I'll just have to RMA it but I've heard the turnaround here in Aus isn't that great, I have applications on this I need to use onsite for work so if it's something I can fix myself I'd prefer to do that time is money for me. So far I have gone through and re-checked all the connections, checked that the antenna cables aren't pressed on the the reset and also made sure that it isn't the hdds.

Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated, currently dreading the thought of RMAing it.

08-29-2011, 08:59 PM
The weird display issues point towards a GPU issue. If you are comfortable opening it up (as you already did it seems :)) I would check to see if any thermal paste has oozed out onto other parts of the GPU where it doesn't belong. Occasionally it can cause problems. Otherwise you may just need to RMA if the card was already on its way out before you did the repaste.