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09-23-2013, 09:17 PM
Hi all,

So a couple of weeks, I asked a friend to purchase an Asus notbook and it was a G75V.

First, I would like to ask what is the difference between a G75V and a G75VW, I guess more accessories?

Second, my idiot friend said it must have an SSD card so he added one and format the laptop to windows 7 64bit. The problem is he never cared for any notebook so he never downloaded any Asus programs at all. Now am afraid the battery will never last that long and it works now as a max is 2 hours.

So what programs that an Asus laptop should have?

PS: I tried to download a battery Asus program and it said the laptop is not an Asus made so it never worked at all.

Any advice, please?

09-24-2013, 05:56 PM
Well I don't think Asus makes a G75V gaming notebook? We currently have the G75VW, G75VX. I suggest you download hwinfo64 (http://www.hwinfo.com/download.php) look in the computer details and determine what notebook you have.
Once you have determined which you have go to Asus Support Download (http://www.service.asus.com/#!downloads/c1wax) Identify your notebook and OS, there you will find all the drivers for your notebook

09-24-2013, 07:10 PM
Thanks but I also found on the box it said V75VW. I will download the programs thanks for the links.