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09-25-2013, 06:42 PM
Hi there,

I just wanted to do a comparison if anyone here has the VX model, or something similar. I know crysis 1 is old, but I wanted just to try it out again on this new laptop.

Basically, I can put all settings to High, and 3-4 to Very high, and get about 32 FPS. With all settings on Very high, I get in the low 20s FPS. My GPU is not overclocked at all yet either. Not that is it bad or anything, I just expected I would be able to get more, such as 30+ with all settings on very high.

So I wanted to know, does any here get about the same? Has anyone tried with a similar overclocked GPU?

Also, it says I am playing it on Dx10, shouldn't I be able to play it on Dx11?


10-01-2013, 11:49 AM
Hi Lochtide,

That’s a very good post because although Crysis 1 is a relatively old game I find it amazing. I’ve been playing it on my G75VX for a few months now and I must say that the visuals, gameplay etc. are just mind-blowing for a game released back in 2007.
What struck me, however, when I first started to play the game is that it is rather heavy on CPU and especially GPU resources and the G75VX really struggles with it at very high settings and 8x anti-aliasing. So in order to be able to play it fully maxed out (around 30 fps on average) I’ve done the following:
- Overclocked my GPU with MSI Afterburner (+135/+1000). Well, I know it can be overclocked even further but since I’m not much of a techie I don’t wanna mess with Vbios unlocking and so on;
- The game is installed on my SSD but as far as I know that makes for faster loading times and doesn’t boost fps;
- Installed the latest WHQL graphics driver directly from the Nvidia site;
- In the Nvidia Control Panel I’ve set the Power Management Mode to “Prefer maximum performance” and have turned V-sync on as I get screen tearing. I’ve also turned Triple buffering on since it improves performance while V-sync is on.
I’m not sure whether I have to adjust “Maximum pre-rendered frames” for Crysis 1 but let someone more informed say what they think about it. For now it is at the default value.
Of course my laptop is always plugged in and always use Power4Gear High Performance when playing games.
Although the game feels a bit heavy in some situations, with these settings it is perfectly playable fully maxed out except for most of the battles in Reckoning Part 3 (towards the very end of the game) where I had to turn anti-aliasing off so that I could get playable fps.
I always play Crysis 1 in the 64-bit mode with DirectX 10 enabled. I don’t think Crysis 1 supports DirectX 11.

10-05-2013, 04:24 AM
wow, thanks a lot for the info!

yes even though it is an old game now, the graphics and levels and game play are still really great. I will try out what you said, thanks