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09-27-2013, 09:13 PM
Hi all,

A bit scared that the 2 threads at the top of the forum are about issues with vulcan headsets :S

Finally opened up my vulcan pros and have immediatley got a problem. The left ear cup doesnt seem to work correctly.

First i tried it with my phone and sound will only come out of the right ear. However if plug the wire in the opposite orientation (with the mic and headphone jacks plugged into the headset and the single jack plugged into my phone) both cups work :S

I've tried everything and have found out the following.

With the SPitfire pluged in and the surround set to "on" - When selecting the "configure speakers" from the playback device menu and test out the surround. Both left and right sounds come out of the right earcup at the ame volume.

With the spitfire plugged in and the surround set to "off" -hen selecting the "configure speakers" from the playback device menu and test out the surround. The left sound plays and comes out through the left earcup (intermittently) but is very very quiet. The right speaker works correctly

ANC makes no difference to either situations

With the headphones plugged into onboard sound Both sounds come out of the right earcup.

But like i said above. I can plug the single end into my source and the green and red into my headset and both earcups will work....HALP!

09-27-2013, 09:34 PM
Edit: When the cable is in the wrong way (With the single jack coming from the sound card) there is only sound from both cups when the green jack is in the headphone socket and the red jack is in the other socket (where the single jack is supposed to go)

Could this be a problem with my supplied cable?

09-27-2013, 11:56 PM
Its always good when you solve your own problems.

Turns out it was the cable that links the headset to the spitfire card. Nothing like butchering perfectly good cables to see if it sorts it. As a side note I'm fairly sure i just voided any chance of getting a replacement cable under warranty. However it does mean i dont have to send the headset back i just need to order a new cable.