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10-06-2013, 09:12 AM
Hi everyone, this is my first time posting, although I have been browsing the forum for months. I am a proud owner of G75VW-NS71 for more than a year now, but recently I have been getting random restarts and I running out of ideas.

First of all, my warranty is over so RMA'ing is out of the question. Additionally, I have also repasted my CPU and GPU with AC5 a couple months ago. My max temps for CPU 63C and my GPU 81C with Prime95 (In-place FFT) and FurMark (1920x1080 fullscreen 2X MSAA) respectively >30 min with both programs running. My idle temps are: CPU 39C and GPU 51C, average. I have also ran memtest overnight (9 hours) with no errors. I have not overclocked my NB. The filters, the fan, and the aluminum fins have been cleaned since two weeks ago. The only hardware I have added is a 750GB hard drive.

My random restarting problem first occurred last week whenever I played FFXIV 5-30 minutes in, guaranteed. My NB has also restarted when the only active thing I have open is Chrome, although I have experienced 2 days of not restarting. Upon checking the event viewer, I received a Kernel-Power 41 with BugcheckCode of 0 (no BSOD). I have tried doing a full system recovery and updating all drivers. I have also removed all of the problemattic software from reading the forums, ie: LiveUpdate. I have also flashed my BIOS to 223 to no avail. I disabled hibernation and sleep and turned off all power saving options, I have also tested it by turning off a single peripheral at a time within the device manager (bluetooth, USB, WLAN, LAN, etc). I have also tried using only AC, using only my battery, and both the battery and AC plugged in.

What I have not done yet is purchase another power brick; I want to exhaust all options before spending money. I think I listed everything I've done so far, so any other ideas I should try before I go ahead and purchase a new brick?

10-06-2013, 05:03 PM
I'm steering toward a bad HDD. Since you tried battery and AC brick by themselves and still get the same results, I would remove the 750GB HDD you added and try again.

When a HDD suddenly stops communicating between the controller, the system will automatically restart or shutdown, usually without a BSOD.

If the same thing happens when removing your secondary HDD, you'll have to go through the process of removing your primary HDD and putting the secondary HDD in its place and install Windows again so you can repeat the same tests. This will rule out as to which faulty drive was the cause, if any.

10-07-2013, 12:56 AM
Hey Dreamonic, thanks for replying. I have taken your advice and removed the secondary hard drive. The problem still persists. I have also tried doing a fresh install of Windows on the secondary hard drive and the problem still occurs. Note I have used the right hard drive bay on both cases. Could there be a problem with the SATA data/power connectors from the motherboard's end?

UPDATE: I tried using only the left side hard drive bay. Random restarts continued.