View Full Version : G75VW USB 3.0 Win 8 Drivers?

Dennis St. John
10-08-2013, 12:41 AM
Hello All,

Has anyone had any luck finding and installing any supported USB 3.0 drivers for the G75VW on Windows 8? I cannot seem to get any faster than traditional USB 2.0 speeds using my USB 3.0 devices on my ASUS G75VW book. Thanks for any assistance / guidance at all!

10-08-2013, 03:10 AM
Windows 8 has a native driver for USB 3.0.
When you plug in a usb 3.0 device do you get the message that your device could work faster is plugged into a usb 3.0 port?

Dennis St. John
10-08-2013, 03:16 AM
Thanks for the reply! No, I don't get that message (I have seen that before though so I know what you are referring to), but the transfer speed just doesn't seem very fast. I'm using a USB 3.0 64GB flash drive and a USB 3.0 128GB flash drive. Just wanted to make sure I had the latest and greatest drivers loaded for Win 8 on my G75VW! Thanks again!

10-08-2013, 03:31 AM
Well you can check with something like HD Tune or some other hard drive bench mark program. that will give you the bench mark speeds your getting. All USB 3.0 Flash drives are not created equal! Also try the ports on the right side of your notebook there have been some issues with the left side ports and USB 3.0

Dennis St. John
10-08-2013, 03:36 AM
Thanks for the pointers! Yeah, I try to keep all my "peripheral type" USB devices (wireless external mice & keyboard) plugged into the left side of the book and everything data on the right side. I believe there is a known USB 3.0 bug when you mix and match that stuff. I'll definitely run some benchmark utils and see if I can pinpoint the issue. Perhaps it is a shortcoming with the USB Flash drives themselves. They were "relatively cheap" so maybe they aren't up to par with "high end" USB 3.0 spec. Again, appreciate your reply!

10-08-2013, 08:16 AM
you can try unistall usb charger+ utilities, asus use windows bundle driver.

Dennis St. John
10-08-2013, 02:30 PM
Thanks for the input Pitcher. I don't believe I have the USB Charger + Utilities installed. I tried to install as little as possible when I installed Win 8... just the essentials. I suspect I am dealing with a device limitation here... even though it's "USB 3.0", I don't think I'm quite getting the full speed USB 3.0 should deliver. I'm going to try a few different devices and see if I can get it hashed out. Thanks again for the input!