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10-08-2013, 02:43 AM
Hey guys, im new to the forum and I have a G53SW and thought it was time to jump on board. I am running the BF4 beta at around 60FPS on really LOW settings and low resolution.(331.40 beta nvidia drivers)

I was looking around and found out that if I got a cooling pad for my laptop it wouldnt help with the cooling because G models dont use it effectively?.... I think it would because this laptop sucks in air from underneath(the vents) and blows it efficiently out back.. and with a nice cooling pad(U2 PLUS) underneath the vents, this should cool the laptop down substantially(even contemplating about taking off the bottom cover for more air contact). -The only problem with taking off the vent cover is that it would have to be easy to switch back and forth. This is because I take my laptop to class and I need it to be able to be mobile on the fly. Depending if its worth or or not I will or will not take off the cover.(prefer not too)

Could anyone clear this up that has experience with a cooling pad with a G series?

Also I have:
-oc'd my GTX 460m 1.5gb to 800/1600/1500 @ 81c (max load) stock voltage
-downloaded ThrottleStop 5 to stop my cpu(2630qm) from dropping to 800mhz every other minute
-transferred windows 8.1 64x onto an SSD(added SSD to laptop)
-monitoring CPU temps; under 90% load it reaches 88c(after hours of use)

This is all I have come across as far as optimizing the laptop to its fullest performance. Is there anything I am missing?(oc gpu voltage or oc cpu?) I am going to take it apart soon and remove all the dust and possibly applying new thermal paste to the cpu/headsink if I find a nice DIY. -could someone link me? :)

appreciate the input

02-01-2014, 03:18 PM
Hello, im wh00pstick. I think I've seen you around on the battlefield. I currently don't use a cooling pad because mine broke. But i do remember temps did go down. So who ever told you that was lying. I have a question do you have to flash the bios for the other overclocks? Because all i have is memory bus and core bus.

I also added ssd with 8.1, may i ask what model you have?

-I have g53sw-xn1 with a kingston hyper x 3k 120gb ssd
- I play on multi display on 1366 res, on a 32" vizio led tv.
- I average around 80+ frames with beta driver all on low of course. 100% res scale. (bf4)
-Recently i dip down where my screen freezes.. I think its the heat. The heater next to me isn't helping either. It runs so smooth now i wonder if its bottle necking.
-Plz add me on battlelog if you want to have a chat my gamer name is XwH00pStiCkX