View Full Version : G73 Sudden Shutdown - Not Overheating.

10-19-2013, 09:44 PM
Last night my G73JH shutdown completely and was immediately able to power on again.

This has only occurred once at the time of this post. However, I am worried it will become an ongoing problem if not dealt with. I have scoured the search engines for reasons why, but, none have been satisfactory. My G73s temps are very good, I monitored them after the "sudden" shutdown.

My CPU cores idle anywhere from the upper 40s(48-49) to the low 50s (52-53), depending on how long its been on and ambient temp, etc. The hottest core gets to 79c under load.

My GPU(5870M), idles at around 54 - 55, the hottest it gets under load is 83c on the MemIO, while the other temps are 79 - 80.

I understand the shutdown setting for the 5870M is somewhere around 110c. So, after playing the same game after this fluke shutdown occurred for several hours and seeing the temps as what I indicated, I don't think heat is my problem.

My laptop is constantly maintained with a cleaning once a week, which usually includes some compressed air in the vents, removal of the bottom panel, and cleaning of the dust there.

Anyway, I was playing my game and this occurred, (FFXIV). I then restarted and played the game for several hours with no issue.

Some things to mention, my laptop battery is old and likely needs to be replaced, it only charges to about 89% before stopping, then slowly discharges until it's unplugged and plugged in again, this is likely just due to its age. The battery will support the laptop without the AC adapter, no problem. The AC adapter and battery were both plugged in when this occurred.

If anyone has any inclination as to what this might be, I'd appreciate it. I figured it could be the drivers, so I've changed those. I also defragged, not like that will matter, and reset BIOS. I can't think of why this would have happened.

Edit: In addition, I've reseated the ram, rotated DIMM slots, reinstalled windows.

Thanks in advance.

10-21-2013, 01:18 AM
please keep watch for this problem.if any please keep post.