View Full Version : G75VW Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media

10-25-2013, 02:03 AM
So I have a G75vw running win7 premium, Intel core i7- 3610qm @2.3Ghz, 16gb ram, blu-ray ODD, nvidia Geforce GTX 670m 3gb, and HDD 750gb +256 (ssd)
I got the laptop end of December and since then it has been running without problems expect for a random restart sometimes. Now all of a sudden it turns on and says Reboot or select proper device and won't boot windows. I tried pressing F9 but that does nothing. I get into BIOS with F2 and do Load Optimal settings and still same thing. I have checked the boot order and it seems fine. I disabled the hdd and still same thing. So then I did Asus recovery with the DVDs I burned when I first received the laptop. Recovery tool loads windows files and tells me I have more than one drive and need to remove one before I can proceed. Disabling the drive in BIOS doesn't help so I physically remove it after which recovery works and I proceed with it and load a fresh windows, I do some windows updates, nvidia update and the whole time it restarts as needed for the updates without problems. Then I turned off the laptop, inserted the hdd and tried to boot it up and get Reboot and Select proper boot device. I proceed to remove the hdd but still I get the same message. What do I do. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

10-25-2013, 03:10 AM
how is insert one hdd or ssd to verify? is bios able to detect DVD-ROM? i think you will sent asus service center to check, if you have do all you can do.

10-25-2013, 03:22 AM
Sorry if double post.
I'm not sure what you mean. Bios can see all three drives (1 DVD rom, and 2 storage -ssd & hdd). When I remove hdd it sees only the remaining 2 drives. I have not tried to remove the ssd and leave hdd on because hdd doesn't have a os installed. I would like to resolve the issue without going to RMA.
thanks for the reply I hope this info helps.