View Full Version : Overclock 5870m, how?

08-31-2011, 07:48 PM
I know that a safe clock is 800/1100, but idk how to set it to it. When I install MSI afterburner it doesn't allow me to go over the stock settings. Someone help?

09-01-2011, 06:00 AM
You can use the AMD GPU Tool for 5870, or use my modded vBIOS to enable Overdrive.

09-01-2011, 02:11 PM
I noticed that at 800/1100 there is some graphic tearing which surprised me. my temps stay below 80c so how is this possible? is it just pushing it too far?

09-01-2011, 02:55 PM
Activate/force VSync.

GPU @ 800MHz should be perfectly fine and stable for almost everybody, but OC'ing the VRAM is trial and error. Only stress testing will tell.