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11-03-2013, 02:16 AM
hi, im new here, i need to ask something about the GTX 780 DC2OC , i buy one 2 weeks ago and yesterday i start to move some options on the GPU Tweak , the question is, what happen if i move the Power Target to 60% , locked with the Temp target on 60 too , its safe? i get the 60fps on Bf4 at 1920x1080 on 60% Power Target at 49 , and with power target on 100% the temp are on 58 with some peaks with 64 even 65 and 60fps too.

i have a lot of questions, please help me, maybe a GTX 780 its overkill just for 1920x1080 gaming

its safe down the Power target to 60%?
what happen if i put the power target on 100 and the temp target on 60?

With 60% Power Target
i get the 60fps on 64 players maps at 1920x1080 ultra settings on BF4.
on metro last light get the 60 fps too at 1920x1080 ultra settings without killer filter.

Thanks, and sorry for my broken english

11-03-2013, 03:19 AM
Hi there and welcome to ASUS ROG. When you adjust the power slider, you are setting the maximum power the card can draw for the specific Frequency of your GPU. So, you are telling your card what is the maximum "fuel" can draw while you are playing a game. Now, different games cause different power consumptions. If you are playing a light game your card utilization is only, let's say 10%, but while playing a modern new FPS can can go higher, up to 100% and maybe more. The card by itself will adjust the frequency and other parameters to always give you maximum performance, with low noise and heat inside this power limit. For stock clocks and no overclocking at all, you don't have to set the power limit to less than 100% because you are saying to your card not to exceed this limit. In that case during a heavy load game the card maybe will underclock or not perform like a 780 but like a cheaper one. You can do that if you want to achieve lower temps but you sacrifice performance and FPS for no reason because you haven't exceed the card's specifications. This slider gets more meaningful when you overclock your card and first you set a higher frequency to the GPU and/or card's memory. In that case under heavy load the card will try to reach this higher frequencies, performing in higher fps, so it will draw more power. Allowing a higher power draw, you get higher performance and higher temps and noise. So if you are not overclocking just leave everything to default and you will always have best performance inside specifications. Is it an overkill for this resolutions? Maybe yes, but who cares :)

11-03-2013, 06:25 AM
Ty sir, i think u say everything i need to know about power target, ty so much!

11-03-2013, 08:14 AM
Ty sir, i think u say everything i need to know about power target, ty so much! You are welcome :). In this place you will find lots of people willing to answer to any of your questions. Don't hesitate to ask for anything, even the little ones. Don't worry about broken English. Thousands here do not have English as native language, including me. Enjoy your hardware and have fun :D