View Full Version : Diffrent versions of G74SX?

09-03-2011, 02:07 PM
Hello, looking to buy a laptop and the Asus G74SX is a valid candidate..

But when searching i find a couple different versions, for example G74SX-91074V, G74SX-91063V.. Witch have very small price difference, but the specs on the place where i am looking are not very accurate and i don't really trust their information..For example it says that the G74SX-91074V has : 500 GB - 7200 rpm and mentions nothing about the hybrid disk witch the other one has and i think both of them have.

So i would need to know if there are a place to see the different Asus G74SX versions and their specs for comparison. This would help alot and also show me if there are a version that more fulfill my needs then the ones i have found till now.

// Larzzon