View Full Version : Can't see HDD in BIOS

11-11-2013, 04:34 PM

I have Asus G55VW notebook, Windows 8.1, I have had stuck on restarting computer, and I've rebooted it forcefully (by holding power button) and after that I couldn't see my secondary HDD in My computer or in Disc management, but I could see it in BIOS under SATA option.
So I've decided to re install windows but I couldn't (installation was stuck at some point), I've tried this few times but couldn't (installation always got stuck somewhere , even though I was installing windows on my primary SSD). So I've decided to try with Ubuntu and installation went fine, and after that I've removed Ubuntu and managed to install windows, but again couldn't see my secondary HDD in windows, but this time I couldn't see it in BIOS neither. (I've updated BIOS, but it didn't help)

Short version: suddenly I cant see my secondary HDD in BIOS.

Is there any way I can fix this ?

11-11-2013, 08:39 PM
If your hard drive is detected under the bios SATA configuraion, it's detected by the system/hardware, but there may be some trouble recognizing the file system if you don't see it under boot options. If you're not seeing it under SATA configuration anymore, there is probably a hardware issue.

Do you see options in your bios for 'launch CSM' under 'boot' and secure boot menu/control under 'security' and have you tried enabling CSM and disabling secure boot or vice versa?

There are probably better ways to solve it, but if you aren't worried about data at all, you may want to try keeping only one hard drive in the system and install Windows (or Ubuntu) on each (if the hard drive doesn't show up under the bios SATA configuration though, don't expect you will get very far at all) just to see if one of your hard drives may have gone bad (if you have a USB hard drive housing available, try checking it on another system too).

Finally, you might check if there are any problems with the hard drive connectors in the system and swap the positions of the 2 hard drives.