View Full Version : Overclocking ASUS ROG MATRIX 7970, help needed!

11-14-2013, 11:27 AM

Lets get straight to the point:

Using ASUS GPU Tweak Tool to overclock this GFX, but I am having a problem with GPU voltages.

I can change voltages, but it seems like they won't change after all unless HWMonitor and GPU-Z lie about the numbers.

As default, this GFX core clocks and voltages are 1050Mhz / 1256mv, if I change voltages to 1300mV, put some tests going on, HWMonitor and GPU-Z are still showing 1256mV.

First I thought that those two programs are just showing wrong, but after putting 1200MHz GPU clocks or even little more than that with 1300mV, the newest 3DMark didn't go through without graphical issues, even crashed once.

So either voltages won't change or my GFX is just a monday piece of unclockable waste of money.

I tried MSI Afterburner where's not even an option to configure voltages and Sapphire Trixx, which didn't let me go higher than default voltages.

Can anyone please help me with this issue? Am I doing something wrong, is there something more I should know about overclocking? Is my GFX faulty?


11-28-2013, 03:09 AM
My Matrix 7970 is a ****house overclocker too so it may just be that. Same thing, no matter the voltage I couldn't clock higher than 1130mhz stable. I believe run by GPU Tweak, I know the Matrix doesn't report to GPU-Z or Afterburner the correct voltages just the standard rates. If GPUTweak reports the change then it's happening but don't trust the others with the Matrix. It's kind of **** they really should have just made it open but decided to lock down the sensors for other vendor programs.

That said, it is a damn good card at stocks. If you don't get VRM overheating it's performs very fast!!!