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11-15-2013, 09:54 AM
Hey Guys!

I just got my new g750Jw yesterday and like alot of ppl here i dont agree with Windows 8, it is not just the metro i just really fancy to use my new laptop with windows 7 i would also like to change the boot from the 750 + 8 gb SSD and i bet this hard drive is the biggest issue for me.

I open the back and switched the original HDD for my OCZ and then i put the seagate disk on the other sata connect.

So the original config is changed the OCZ is now at the place where the seagate where.

Then came the the funny part when i tried to change boot device in BIOS, i feel like a total stranger in the bios tho i have alot of experience from other bios.

It tells me to Create a new boot option? <------ What is this!? (cant find any info about this maybe i search t it wrong because i don't find any help no where.)

And to be honest the manual dosent give me too much help

Only my original boot disk shows up i'm also not able to boot from a USB drive it wont show up when i hit ESC to choose wich device too boot from, i tried all the USB ports with no luck.

My toughs went straight to the original HDD since it has some kind of special boot config to be able to use the 8gb SSD cach.

I'm thinking of removing the original HDD til i got my windows on the OCZ disk but i'm not sure this will help my issue since the special boot config is linked to a txt file it seems and this is totally new for me.

What will happen if i delete the boot txt strain?

How come i cant boot from the USB ?

How come there is no option to set the boot order in a normal way to move the devices up n down to change the order? the only option there is is 1 boot and it is from the original HDD no USB or optical drive.
Also i find nothing on the web for helping me in this issue.

When i look on YouTube i see ppl with more boot options but on my screen there is only one choice and it is only the hybrid disk and to create a new boot sequence you clearly need more experience then i got to sort this out.

Would love a poke in the right direction to get my project running again.


11-15-2013, 10:57 AM
What you're seeing is a UEFI bios, and you seem to be used to the old style. UEFI will normally detect anything bootable and add it to the list of bootable devices (so a blank hdd/ssd will not show up by default). If you are more computer-savvy, you can use the "add boot option" which requires you to know more about the UEFI boot process and point it at the boot files. You can google for more info.

The USB should show up when hitting ESC if it is bootable.

Things that sort out booting problems that you can try - disable Secure Boot, disable Fast Boot. If you also Enable Launch CSM (+ Launch PXE OpROM) you will switch from the UEFI modern booting to the old style BIOS you are familiar with.

I don't see a reason to downgrade to Win 7, but to each his own. Here's a guide you may find handy - http://forums.**********.com/showthread.php?t=155

Edit - will PM you the link, as apparently it's not allowed on this forum.

11-15-2013, 12:50 PM
Thanx allot i will try this as soon as i get home would love to go old school bios til i know how to handle the UEFI bios properly, and i dident want to mess around too much when i'm not 100% sure.

i am not going to use this laptop for playing any new high end games, i got it for free i play only poker so the fullhd 17 inch was what i got the g750 for i was an active gamer back when Q3 UT99 when i played alot.

Reason for me wanting to have windows 7 are mainly since i dont like windows phone at all and tbh windows 8 is a phone operating system just as much as a PC OP.

if windows 8 are future face of windows i wont be upgrading til i be forced to!