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Chris C
11-15-2013, 06:40 PM

I have an Asus G75vw that is currently having an occasional issue. Usually, it boots fine, but it will on occasion give me a black screen. The keyboard lights up, all of the LEDs on the front light up and show activity, and I can even hear Windows sounds if I leave the volume unmuted. I can sometimes remedy this, but power cycling the computer a few times, but other times it is too stubborn and will continue to give me a black screen. I believe that this is a battery issue, because sometimes when I pull the battery and run straight off of the wall charger, the problem will solve itself with no effort. That is not always the case however. Any insight would be appreciated!

11-15-2013, 09:44 PM
Chris C. Welcome to ROG.

How long ago did you purchase your G ? Does it have 'retailer' return time on it ?
Is it still under warranty ?

This could be a driver not initiating [do you have updated drivers?] but I'm thinking it's a hardware issue.
If you are in the total dark can you faintly see windows ? [for example ]
Where are you located ?
Best of Luck. Keep us 'posted'.c.

Chris C
11-15-2013, 11:06 PM

I purchased the laptop at the very end of 2012 as a refurbished unit from Newegg.com I believe. It only had a 90 day warranty on it (which I only learned about after I had received my unit), which is long since expired. I would have gotten the extended from Newegg had I known.

I have all of the drivers up to date, typically do a check every month or so to make sure. I doubt that this would be the issue though. When this occurs, I don't even get the POST splash screen or anything. It also appears that the screen does not have power. I am unable to see anything when this condition occurs.

I am in Louisville, KY.