View Full Version : upgrading from a G75VW to a G750JX-QS71-CB

11-15-2013, 08:22 PM
I've just had the pleasant experience of upgrading from a G75VW to a G750JX-QS71-CB which is identical to the G750JX-DB71 but with a bilingual keyboard and surprisingly arrived with a backpack and mouse,I bought this notebook in Toronto.
After updating all the drivers from Asus site for win8 I did the 8.1 update which went very smooth and again updated to the Asus 8.1 drivers that are available and noticed that windows update also did a few.
Everything appears to be working properly and I think I like Win 8.1, I came from Win7 but have used Win8 before. I was useing Win Security Essentials which I see has been replaced by Defender, hope that works well and I was also using Win Live Essentials which doesn't seem to be required now.
Now to do a little tweaking!