View Full Version : G73JH-BST7(Best Buy Edition) Computer Lag

09-05-2011, 12:04 AM
I play Rift and I'm having some issues where the graphics will start to shutter and my mouse will lag for about 1-2 seconds. It also happens when I use Windows normally. I don't know what the cause is. I've updated my vbios to get rid of the GSOD, so I've already have done that. I don't know what to do.

09-06-2011, 12:13 AM
Maybe to help another answerer I'll ask this question for them. First, is the problem only occurring while in Rift, or does it occur elsewhere as well?

I had the same problem a while back. Turns out McAfee was causing the problem. McAfee would max out every processor core to 100% and the computer would pretty much freeze. Then 2-3 seconds later, it would all be fine again with no trace. If, by chance, this is the same problem you are having, then I would suggest just switching to a new anti-virus program considering they have had this problem for a long time now and haven't fixed it yet, to my knowledge.

09-06-2011, 11:13 PM
hmm I do have Macafee as my antivirus. Maybe I'll try that.

I thought it could be the hard drive doing it and all I needed was a driver update, but i have a Seagate 640gb hard drive and was unable to find updated drivers for it.

I'll try uninstalling Macafee and see if that works.

Area 66
09-07-2011, 02:06 AM
use MS essential security , it have a very low load on the CPU. If you stay away of hazardous thing you should be ok with it.

09-07-2011, 02:18 PM
So I uninstalled Macafee from my computer last night and tried playing Rift. I sat in town with the sound on high and just waited for the computer lag to occur. Never happened. I think that may have been the problem. I'll keep checking just to make sure though.

09-07-2011, 02:39 PM
I've been using ESET NOD32 for the past 6 years or so. Never any problems with it and it seems to have a very negligible system load. BTW, don't be foooled by the "32". They have a 64 bit version too. Lol