View Full Version : G73JH shutting itself down constantly - advice needed

11-16-2013, 10:25 AM
Hi there,

My G73JH laptop is giving me some issues in that it just switches itself off within 5 minutes or so of starting up, sometimes much sooner. Just now I was barely in the BIOS settings for 30 seconds before it switched itself off. Sometimes I can't power it back up immediately, I first have to discharge by removing the battery and AC cord, holding the power button in for 30 seconds and reattaching.

I don't think it's a heating issue as the laptop would be off for hours, and within 5 minutes of being switched back on it'd switch off again.

I'm trying to restore the laptop to factory state as Windows was giving some issues before, but I can't usually get beyond 30% of the restore before it switches itself off. Nor can I do a clean Windows install from DVD as it switches off mid-installation.

I've tried doing the above with only the AC cord attached [battery removed], and vice versa, but it just keeps doing the same thing.

Any advice? Is it basically a write-off?


11-18-2013, 06:46 PM

Not sure if you want to pay for a more expensive out-of-warranty repair (assuming it's no longer covered) to solve this (I'd try to avoid this myself whenever possible), but you may want to check some of the easier items like memory and hard drive just to make sure they aren't causing the problem even though it may not be as likely.

Don't worry about Windows or even the hard drive at this point and just try to get the system to stay on without a hard drive installed in the unit which would point to some other problem in the notebook if it still isn't working correctly.

Remove extra memory sticks if available and try them one at a time in different slots just to make sure it's not a bad memory stick or slot.

If the problems aren't related to the memory or hard drive, it probably is not going to be a cheap repair and maybe not worth it depending on your situation.
If you're interested, though, you can check with your local ASUS service center to find out what would be involved in having it checked.

Although the hardware may be damaged by now, you might also check or clean the fans, or look into the condition or repasting of the thermal grease just to see if they could have been the cause of these problems (assume the system was powering off less often at first and became progressively worse if there were temperature issues).