View Full Version : G73JH Video Issue

09-05-2011, 10:48 AM

I have a video issue with my G73JH.

I have update bios, and Vbios.

For a few days ago, i had a video issue playing Deus EX. I saw like flickering and multiscreen over windows 7, make it impossible to do something. I reset my computer, and then from asus logo, windows load screen and also BIOS screen i saw artifacts and flickering.

Then I reflash bios and vbios, and after a few minutes in a DOS screen, flickering and artifacts recover alone. Then i go to play in windows, all fine, video memery frecuency at 1000 mhz, runs fine.

Turn off the computer, restart one day later, same problem, asus logo don't looks, and windows looks like old miss frecuency monitor error.

Any suggestion or solution?

Best regards.