View Full Version : G750JW wireless problem

11-24-2013, 12:13 PM
Hi i have a problem with my wireless conectivity there are a few wireless routers that if i connect to them in about 2-3 minutes the routers restart and don't know why

I have 3 places that i go daily with my laptop and only in one of them the connectivity to the wireless router is stable in the other 2 places i use RJ45 cable that connects to the routers which is incoveninent.

11-25-2013, 01:38 AM
In response from your question in my thread,

Unfortunately (or the opposite? ;) ) i do not have any wireless problems with my unit. After reading your thread, there's three thing that comes to my mind which could potentially be your problem. a) the driver (did you install the correct version for your laptop from the ASUS website?) b) The routers that you are using are misconfigured (although very unlikely if you don't have any trouble with other devices) and c) your power options are set to balanced, so your wireless adapter is actually trying to use less power (which it fails to do so) and thus explain your connectivity problem or slow download / upload speed.

To change the wireless power savings option, right click your battery indicator on the bottom right of your screen, then power options. After that, click on "Change plan settings", and further then on "Change advanced power settings". Find the "Wireless adapter" tab and proceed to change the power saving mode to "Maximum performance" instead of any other saving option.

Those could be your problem.