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11-26-2013, 11:11 AM
Hi to everyone,

After several years on G73 then G74, i just bought a G750JX under Windows8.1... Amazing computer ! All works well except Wifi connexion.
Well, i can connect to my network at home, but connection is ALWAYS LOST every 15 minutes :
Wifi works maybe 15 minutes then cuts off, then connect back to wifi ...then cuts off 15 minutes later !
That's making me pretty angry !

I already search on the forum for any information that would help, but "exchange my laptop for a new one in warranty" doesn't interest me ! And i can't imagine there's no fix about it ! Wifi works (15minutes) so that's not an issue of the Wifi-card (i guess).
There's something that force wifi-card to disconnect !

(Note : I use a TCP-IPv4 to connect to my internet-box)

1) I already tried to uninstall standard wifi driver (for 802.11ac) to the lastest one on Asus Website... that didn't solve the problem !
I read that eventually a driver for Windows7 may have some good happenings ?
Are Win7-Wifi-Drivers good for G750JX(under Win8.1) ?

2) I also tried to uncheck option of Wifi-Card in ControlPanel to "improve battery when not used"

3) My G750JX has a 802.11ac Wifi card !
I do know that 802.11ac use multiple connexion (parallel connexion)... Does this cause these disconnexions ?

Well, if anyone has any idea of "how to resolve this Wifi-disconnexion on and on and on" ?
I'll be really pleased !

Best Regards, Dudes :cool: !

11-26-2013, 01:28 PM
Update :

I found out that topic .... about Atheros Wifi-card : new driver from Atheros Website solved the problem ...

But mine is a Broadcom-Wifi-Card ... :(
Note : I saw that G750JX are sold with Microsoft Driver V6.30.223.102 !
But Asus Website advise V6.30.223.99 driver (the one I installed, but it doesn't solve the problem)

I found out also :

It seems that Bluetooth ant WiFi don't appreciate each other ?
This is for 802.11abg/ac Wifi-card ! I 'm looking forward to test this solution this evening !