View Full Version : Keyboard Issue

11-28-2013, 11:45 PM
Hello all.

Hope i'll find an awser here !

I bought a Asus ROG G75, 16Go Ram, GTX 670M, last year, for the work first (video editing) and gaming of course.

I played a lot on BF3 and many other games without any problems,
but since i play BF4 ive got a keyboard issue, concerning multitouch.

In fact i can't run and reload or look at scores .
( reload = "r", scores = "TAB").
i must stop, then reload or look at scores.

i can crouch( "ctrl" or "x") or go to the ground ("w") ,
but no "r" or "TAB" response whan iam running.

i push "z" to go forward, and hold "Shift" to run.

doaes anyone here have a similar issue ?