View Full Version : G73JH nothing more than a $1500 netbook

09-07-2011, 02:38 AM
Already RMA'd once due to a proper but failed FAT32 bios 211 flash, now GPU seems to be overheating 10 minutes into gaming & restarting due to cheapo ASUS GPU paste. Unfortunately, it is currently my main rig, so i'm terrified by my own bad luck.

I would like to update to 213 but i'm not sure about it. Chastity's guide says use G73JhAS.213, others say to rename it to AIMBOOT.ROM or something. Do i change the extension from .213 to .ROM or what? That detail was not discussed.

And another issue; installed 2 intel SSD's which this machine obviously hates. Not only do i have to hold F1 on EVERY single boot to get past the Asus logo, but it tells me constantly (no matter which SSD the OS is installed on) that my new hard drives are failing, aka "windows has detected hard drive failure".

And the Asus downloads section for it is so out of date anyways it is ridiculous; thankfully people like Chastity had the time to make a nice post with updates; i feel bad for folks who never found this forum however.

Just sick of it all; was initally such a promising unit, but i completely regret the purchase. Moving on, or not at all at this point.

09-07-2011, 04:27 PM
Yes, I believe that it will not be detected unless you rename it. If the name isn't right it simply won't be found and you'll know to change the name; it won't break anything.

Not knowing which SSD's you have I would say to check for a firmware update. Many SSD's have an updated firmware which increases compatibility and occasionally performance.

The ASUS driver pages don't necessarily reflect the latest drivers, just the ones that ASUS has verified don't completely blow up the system and seem to work correctly. Obviously not every scenario is covered but using those drivers gives you a reasonable assurance that things will work. If you want the latest you should always go to the component manufacturers' pages.