View Full Version : Help with profiles and SLI config

12-07-2013, 03:26 PM
Hi all,

I am a newbie and have few questions about gpu tweak's profiles.
I own two gtx 780-DC2 series and have always used the "sync all cards" for adjusting the fans cause the default one is really ridiculous..
I found out that using both cards separately, with no syncing, actually gives better gpu utilization but gives me a headache with the fans settings.
The reason is that only one card will use the profile with the fans adjusted as I wish and the other one will use the default (ridiculous) one.

Maybe I am doing something wrong (that's why I am here) but what I do is that I chose card 1 and apply profile 1 and then choose card 2 and apply profile 1 (or 2 for example). I know they are applied cause I have also changed the temp setting (from 79 to 80) in profile 1 just to make sure they are applied.
But after a session of gaming, only one card follows the profile's settings..

Can anyone please show me a step by step showing how to apply the same or different profiles to two cards separately ? without the sync option...
I mean, what if someone wants to overclock his two cards differently... is that possible ?

Thanks in advance guys !