View Full Version : Sound very slow and computer freezes on G73SW

09-09-2011, 10:21 AM

some weeks ago, I removed my windows 7 x32 to install a x64 version and the nightmare began.
Randomly when I am listening some music or watching video on internet, my computer freezes during 10s-several minutes but still playing the current sound very very very slowly...
It's extremly frustrating... It could happen 20/30 times a day...
It's never happened when I watched video with vlc or when i have desactivated the sound card from windows sound properties. (muted it isn't enough).

I have updated all my drivers, nvidia, realtek audio.. I removed them, tried vista compatibility... nothing :(

I think I will become mad if it doesn't stop.

Thank for your help

09-09-2011, 04:05 PM
Are these all videos in a flash based player? If so you may want to try downloading and FLV and FLV player to see if it is just flash videos in general that cause the problem. I would also try a different browser to see if that makes a difference.

09-10-2011, 08:22 AM
no sadly it is any sounds but I just noticed that it never happened with fullscreen video.

09-12-2011, 11:42 PM
I'd say take a look in the event viewer to see if anything is indicated at the time of the freezes. Do you ever get a BSOD, or always just a hard lock?

09-13-2011, 01:45 AM
two sound drivers installed?

problem with the g51's. installing the realtek and soundblaster audigy drivers would cause random freezes and system hangs.

09-13-2011, 05:21 PM
The realtek drivers are the hardware drivers. The Soundblaster MB package is an add-on.

09-14-2011, 02:03 PM
with the g51vx the soundblaster package is on the disc and in the download list from asus, but if you install them, your computer will not work. it will lock up at random intervals. i mean completely lock too, like the only way out of it is to hold down the power button until the computer shuts down.

i ran into this problem some time back, did fresh installs of windows 7, all kinds of troubleshooting.