View Full Version : Maximus V Extreme Bluetooth not working suddenly

12-14-2013, 03:29 PM
So here are the symptoms: The "Printers and Devices" shows a problem with my LG420g Bluetooth cell phone device. I can connect to the phone, or what I mean is, it pairs with my computer ok. But then there are all kinds of errors when Windows tries to add in the device drivers for it, and says it can't find any drivers. In the Device Manager there is a listing for "unknown devices" with about 4 (or more) unknown devices with no device driver found (hence not working.) I am unable to send or receive picture files to the phone, even though this always worked without any issues before. I'm not sure why or when it stopped working. I checked both of my G73 laptops, and the bluetooth on them both worked fine and without any issues.

The solution: This is what I did that actually fixed the problem (among many things that didn't help) I uninstalled the Bluetooth module device and deleted the software. Then I downloaded the Bluetooth driver from the Asus website and reinstalled it. Everything is working perfectly again. :)

I don't know how or why the driver for the bluetooth module got corrupted. :confused: