View Full Version : G74s Wireless internet problems

12-16-2013, 12:19 AM
Hi i have an Asus G74s for over a year now, i just finished a restoration of my computer due to being over crowded. After restoring it i installed all the drivers, however i had to restore my computer several times and the same problem still persists. every time i restore my computer the first driver i install is "WLAN_Atheros_PNP_Win7_64_Z920458" , however after i proceed to install the drivers after a while the wireless internet will not work at all. the last time i installed the drivers i waited until all the drivers where installed and then i installed "WLAN_Atheros_PNP_Win7_64_Z920458", but it still would not work. in fact it would not work at all this time! can anyone help me with this?