View Full Version : Hi there, new here, few queries re g750jw, storage and battlefield :)

12-18-2013, 10:16 AM
Just basic things really,

im getting my jw model today, and im intending on building my collection of games monthly.
Im starting with bf3 as i figure this should be patched well now apparently runs well on the g750s.

Does anyone happen to know what the full size is for the down (origin) version inclusive of any recent patches and expansion packs?

Reason being i intend of getting an ssd for the primary boot drive and will want my main game installed on it too so i need to know what size to initally get. Il clone the drive once all the windows updates and bf3 have been installed.

Cant wait to get my hands on this notebook :)

also, il probably take a lot of flak for this but.... Im coming from consoles, and i use a razer sabertooth controller... I will go towards keyboard and mouse eventually, but i will eventually get decent spec gaming keyboard and mouse, for now though, is the sabertooth supported on mainsteam games like bf and cod?

It has the extra shoulder buttons, and rear paddles, i also use extended thumbsticks so its pretty much as responsive as a mouse as i play on near max sensitivity.

I do admit however keyboard and mouse is the way forward :)

i will try some basic overclocking, have never done this before, what are the names of the software packages for gpu adn cpu tweaks? I know ive read them somewhere on here.

Look forwad to getting invovled here,

and thanks for reading :)


12-19-2013, 05:50 AM
Hi James,

BF3 can vary in size a bit, but you can expect a full install with all content to clock in somewhere around 30GB. Everyone's storage needs are different, but if you decide to get an SSD (if you do you won't be disappointed. SSD's make these laptops SCREAM.) I personally would recommend getting an SSD of no less capacity than ~250GB.

I won't give you any flack for the controller. Nowadays unless I'm playing twitch shooters I actually prefer using controllers over kb/m. It's a trade off of precision for a more laid back experience. Regardless, your Sabertooth will work just fine. It was designed with the 360 in mind but at heart it's still a PC controller.

Unfortunately I can't offer any guidance with overclocking, though there are plenty of good people around here who can help out. I haven't felt the need yet to squeeze every ounce of performance I can out of this machine. So far for me it has performed to my expectations even at base clocks....all the more so with a quality SSD.

Hope this helps a bit. Welcome to the ROG forums! The G750 is a great machine, I certainly hope you enjoy it.

12-19-2013, 08:39 AM
Hello James.

I actually did did this on my new G750 a few days ago.

What I'v done to my G750JW is install a Samsung 840 EVO 250gb SSD for the OS and I use the 750gb Western Digital Black drive for storage (mostly Origin, Steam and Cubase). Anyway, the BF3 download was about 20gb which took just over 3 hours on my BT line in the UK but the game plays very well on the G750. I used the Nvidia tool to optimize the game for the laptop and I am very happy with everything.

I also downloaded Windows 8.1 which was 3.2gb.

As for overclocking, I don't intend to do any so I will leave that to you.

Enjoy the new machine!

12-21-2013, 04:28 AM
hi guys

thanks for the replies. ive had the laptop for a few days and WOW!

such an incredible machine.

so far i have downloaded and played BF3 and all the expansion packs. i used the Nvidia tool to optimise the settings and it runs very well

my only negative comment here is the campaign is not fully optimised for controller support, ie in certain situations it flashes to use the mouse clicks or spacebar, and the usual compatible button on the controller doesnt work :s

other than that its fine, and multiplayer so far has been fine with a controller (compatible i mean, i still got wrecked!)

i have downloaded and played minecraft, im achieving 150-200 fps on fancy settings and far render distance and shadows etc on, which im amazed by for a laptop!

i have played with GPU tweak ad Intel extreme, i have GPU at 997/5080 and CPU at 2.4ghz/3.6ghz (i followed the tutorial, name evades me right now, but a HUGE thanks to you!)

im achiving a 35Mark11 score of P4814 compared to P4235 stock. as im new to overclocking im not sure if this is a huge improvement?

figures look good to me however. GPU temps never going over 65, and CPU running at peak speed reached 75 so i hope this is safe.

thanks again,

if theres problems with the scores above, please let me know, really dont want to screw my laptop up :/


12-22-2013, 01:45 PM
it's perfect :) P4850 is what you can expect from an OC GTX 765M :)
you can have more but with a vbios mod (dont know if it's allowed to talk about it here, if not my apologies), the kepler series are easy to OC without any voltage raise :)
anyway, it's okey :) but can let the CPU with an undervolt @ stock, the cpu is never the bottleneck in games :)
even the GTX 770M @ stock give P5039 :) not bad :)

12-22-2013, 06:28 PM
I have noticed that the ndivia experience tool has raised the optium settings now for bf3 and farcry3 when its overclocked. And playing the game both campaign and multiplayer its never dropped below 50fps :)

Very happy now.

I have since gone a bit old school and downloaded rollercoaster tycoon original :) takes me back this does...

However it only lets me play in windowed mode and not full screen. Im guessing its due to the option of 1080 wasnt around back when the game was released. It would be nice if there was a tool or patch to download tonfix this. The only downside to it is you cant simply move the mouse to the edge to move the view.

If there is a way around this let me know :)

Ive tried lowering the laptops resolution to one matched in the game settings. It fills the screen but still only in windowed. And I have also tried going to the properties and making sure its set to boot fullscreen but it doesn't :(