View Full Version : G46VW owners, what msata ssd do you have installed?

12-20-2013, 07:13 PM

my g46vw arrived today, so i took it to work, to strip it down and install new memory, wifi card, 2.5" hdd and msata card.

but after i had stripped it all down, i noticed that it is not a full sized msata ssd, but a half height msata ssd slot, so i jump on ebay and the only one i can find is one by sandisk, so i thought i would ask the forums what they have if they have a ssd in their msata slot.

on the other hand, if you dont have an ssd in the msata slot, what hard drive are you using?

i was going to have a mushkin 240gb ssd in the msata slot for windows, and a 1tb wd blue in the 2.5" bay for storage, but no luck.

i also have a g55vw with a mushkin 240gb msata ssd, with a 1tb wd blue in the 2.5" bay, and another 1tb wd blue in the optical bay in a caddy.

i did see a video on youtube showing you how to strip down the g46vw and he had a full sized msata, but when i tried to do that, i couldnt get the motherboard back in correctly, cause the msata ssd was blocking something on the bottom case.

has anyone been able to get a full sized card in the slot?

cheers for your help

12-22-2013, 10:47 PM
I've seen the same Sandisk msata you spoke of and recommended it to another member since it is the correct half height (it's on Amazon) but in my case I just replaced the 750GB HDD with a Samsung 840 500GB SSD a little while after I got my laptop.