View Full Version : Having Issues with adjusting 2D Clocks

12-22-2013, 01:48 AM
Hi, I recently downloaded GPU Tweak for my ASUS R9 270 so that I can adjust my 2D clock settings that are used on the desktop. When I attempt to change the 2D settings to anything at all my screen starts to jitter or bug out when I move my mouse and various other visual bugs occur. When I switch it back to Default the bugs stop immediately. I think this may be because the 2D clock settings in GPU Tweak are interfering with my videocards default Profile settings. I disabled the Catalyst Control Center Overdrive Mode and I have no other overclocking applications open. My videocard still has default power management profile settings somewhere that adjusts my clocks accordingly for 2D/3D/multi-monitor/video playback. The Default profiles are as follows... Desktop: Core 300MHz, Memory 150 MHz, 0.875V, Multi-Monitor: 400MHz 1400MHz 0.95V, Video Playback: 450MHz 1400MHz 0.95V, and 3D mode: 975MHz 1400MHz 1.215V. Are these profiles coded into the vbios or windows power management settings somewhere? I'm not sure where these profiles would be changed or how to stop them from interfering with GPU Tweak.

I want to turn up the Desktop profile because my 144hz monitor is automatically kicking into the multi-monitor profile. I don't believe that the 400/1400 is required for desktop use and I want my desktop profile somewhere between the two profiles.