View Full Version : G750JX - Returning 2nd lemon, and it makes me sad

12-22-2013, 11:13 PM
I'm so sad and disappointed. Tomorrow morning I'll be returning my second G750JX. The first unit I received had RAM issues on the GTX770m and had to be returned. The first night of messing around with it, while my first game was downloading, it flickered and rebooted to a bunch of red lined artifacts all over the screen. Reloading drivers and reimaging the HDD from backtracker didn't fix it. When Win8 would boot, it kept trying to reinstall the graphics card, but still has the nasty artifacts all over the screen. ..Sad Face, but had another overnighted.

The second G750JX actually got to see some play time. Remarkable performance for a laptop -- truly! Day number two - the initial bios load screen had little green artifacts on the black ROG background, and then it booted into Win8 normally. I thought is was just a transient little hiccup. But, It's happened everyday, sometimes simply not loading Win8 . I'd have to kill it with the power button and power on again until I got a normal boot. So, yesterday I did a clean install onto a fresh SSD. Left off the bloatware. Everything went very well. It was as fast as lightning yesterday evening, so I thought it was fixed... until this morning when I saw the nasty green lines again with no Win8 boot. Blah! It was obviously not a software issue.

Are they really this unreliable, or am I just damn unlucky? I've got attempt number 3 being overnighted and should be here the 24th. Someone please make me feel better by telling me this is just an extremely unfortunate anomaly, and G750JX number 3 will be solid for the next few years. It's a little painful because it's a nice looking machine, cools nicely, and it plays very well when it's operable.

12-22-2013, 11:38 PM
3 is a charm bro. Welcome to ROG.

Worry not, that's what RMA's are for .. sad that the end user has
to be the final QC .. but at least your assured of not being left holding
the bag ..

Best of Luck. Please, Keep us 'posted' as to the outcome.
[not a bad mini review either, btw, for the little time you had to 'pet' it.] .c.