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12-23-2013, 09:37 AM
Hello everyone,

I have ASUS G75VW. I was using Windows 8.1 Pro. I didn't like it. Because I didn't feel that I'm using an OS. So I switched my Windows 7 Home Premium. I'm happy with it. I'm not saying Windows 8 / 8.1 Pro is bad. But i don't know why, I feel like Windows 7 Home Premium is working much more faster and stable.

My question is, which drivers are the best for me? ASUS G75VW original drivers from its support site? or Choosing latest ones from Apps/Drivers part from Asus Notebook Download site?

I want to give an example. IRST driver. I tried the latest one from Asus. Then silly Windows 7 recognized my SSD ,HDD and Blu-Ray Drive as SCSI.

Also, Nvidia driver. Is it really make difference using Nvidia latest offical drivers or using Asus ( Nvidia) drivers ? No matter what which version you use from Asus, Windows update always shows the latest one. I don't care that. I just want to learn.

Thank you.

12-23-2013, 03:11 PM
hi @Avengelic, putting OS preference aside, the best drivers that work well with your system are the ones released by ASUS that match your hardware and OS. yes they are somewhat dated, the bottom line is that they have been tested thoroughly and they should work every time. (if they don't, then there might be problems with your OS, apps, or hardware).

for instance, if your intel chipset is hm77 and you use the one for hm87, then you might have some weird issues. (they might not even install; even if they install nicely, they might not work as expected)

now, if you wanna be more adventurous, you can play with the latest ones from manufacturers (and be prepared to deal with them). just bear in mind that sometimes these drivers will not be as stable as the stock drivers. be it rst, gpu, chipset, audio, bluetooth, etc. you need to experiment on trial and error basis to get the best results.

as an example, i am using the latest rst ( on w8.1 core/pro now. everything is fine. (but of course sometimes they didn't, so i just revert to last known good's; this happened to some previous versions of geforce gpu drivers)

sorry to disappoint you because i cannot tell you which are the 'best'. all i know is that for every release some bugs got fixed (there are release logs that you can refer to), but there is also a chance that they introduce more bugs to your system (e.g. incompatibilities).