View Full Version : Change windows 8.1 oem to a new added ssd - HELP

12-24-2013, 01:31 PM
I just bought a new Asus G750JW-T4030H with a hd of 750gb, I asked the store to add a Samsung 250gb ssd evo and they did.
BUT they left the windows 8 on the 750gb drive. The SSD came with a tool to clone the OS drive so I did that but if I try to boot from the ssd it does not work correctly. I don't have a windows disk nor the key. I want the OS to be on the SSD and give it the letter C.
My question is this:
If I do a rest windows can I choose the new set up (ssd as os drive c and the 750 as d for data)?
I don't mind formatting and do a clean install if possible (mind you I have no disk nor usb or anything with the windows install files that I'm aware of).
Any suggestions, ideas?
Thank you