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12-26-2013, 11:00 PM
Hey there,

I purchased the ASUS G750JX 3D model a few weeks ago and it turned out to be a real beast, even though I had to deal with all the crap it came with:

- BIOS update to 208 because of the lagg in battery mode
- GPU driver downgrade to 327.23 to get rid of the boot crash
- Touchpad lagg after using the keyboard, which turned out to be a windows preset (X seconds delay after using keyboard to avoid accidental mouse movement)

I am pretty glad I got this machine. However, there's some issues I can't seem to solve and wanted to ask you guys about.

Issue #1:

When the laptop is connected to my TV with HDMI and in duplication mode (laptop stuff is displayed on the laptop screen and TV) you can see horizontal lines somewhere in the middle of the laptop screen while watching videos. They can't always be seen but they appear every few seconds.

This only occurs when in duplication mode and there's no horizontal lines when using the expanded HDMI mode
What do I mean with expanded HDMI mode?
One main screen (for example the laptop) and the other one (the TV screen) acts as a second monitor (Kind of like Dual screen?)

The horizontal lines do not appear when not connected to HDMI (they only appear when the laptop screen is duplicated in HDMI mode).

I have tried both 60hz and 120hz for the laptop screen and they both give the same result (TV default is 60hz).


Issue #2:

When playing games such as NFS: Rivals and Assassin's Creed IV connected to the TV with HDMI the sound randomly drops every now and then and at the same time there's weird black looking lines running across the TV screen (this happens in both duplication and expanded mode, where you can't see any lines on the laptop screen when in duplication mode aswell as in only displaying on the TV).
Note: This doesn't happen on my own TV but on someone else's TV where the TV says it's only outputting 50hz while it's supposed to output 60hz? Even the computer says it's set to 60hz...


Issue #3:

Still experiencing lagg in battery mode when playing graphic intense games such as NFS Rivals, everything is set to max aswell as the minimum processor power for the high performance battery scheme. In taskbar it looks like it's stuck around 3 Ghz (previously 0.77 which was resolved by updating to BIOS V208).


Issue #4:

Don't really know how to explain this but after only a few days I started experiencing random lagg spikes while using the laptop normally while not maxing out any of it's performance. Like, weird sound cracking when starting a youtube video when a mail notification appears.


Oh and something about 3D video playback:

The Nvidia 3D video player isn't as good as it can be, there's no control options in full screen which makes it very annoying to skip through a 3D video while watching it because you have to get out of fullscreen before you can adjust your current time which takes a few seconds to get out of because of the 3D deactivation that occurs when leaving fullscreen (Unless there's a way to use Nvidia 3D in non-fullscreen mode?) Is there any other Nvidia 3D video player alternative out there with control options in full screen?

Thank you for your time!


12-28-2013, 09:33 PM
I am really sorry for the long text but I really am facing so many problems with this laptop, I don't know how returning it will solve any of this since it's mostly HDMI related (besides having to run on old GPU drivers because of that boot crash)

12-29-2013, 01:41 AM
I am really sorry for the long text but I really am facing so many problems with this laptop, I don't know how returning it will solve any of this since it's mostly HDMI related (besides having to run on old GPU drivers because of that boot crash)

I don't have to live with this right now myself, not using HDMI out to a TV, but on Windows 7 on the G2S there was a teething period of pain before Microsoft fixed the issues with patches. You might be in that uncomfortable position of getting cut by living on the cutting edge :)

Enjoy what does work, and take the time to keep up with fixes as they come available. That worked for me.

12-29-2013, 11:41 AM
Another thought. I wonder if the 3D screen issue with installing the latest Nvidia drivers might be only with the 3D hardware built-in. You might be able to do a custom install and not update anything except for the video driver. It may take some playing around with the maximum / minimum items to install, but it might be worth a try.

If that doesn't work, uninstall all the Nvidia drivers, including the 3D ones, and when doing a custom install of the latest Nvidia drivers, don't install the 3D elements.

You may be able to get both 3D and the latest game patches the first way, and the second way would get you the latest game fixes but you would need to forgo 3D.