View Full Version : detecting internal and external hdd issue after instaling ssd.

01-03-2014, 09:55 PM
I AM new user of asus j750jx. 3d 120hz version. my laptop came with 750gb 7200 rpm WD hdd. so i inserted Samsung ssd pro 256 gb and removed old hdd. i used asus backtracker for Windows 8 installation. i was surprised for few things:

1. boot time and performance were excelent . with hdd cooling fans was Always blowing even in idle mood nd they were creating noise( not high, its medium). but with ssd ,cooling fans surprised me. they r almost silent . i cant hear anyhing only when i running some graphical progrm. when i inserted hdd ...fans started spinning nd they were creating noise like before installation of ssd. i dont know whats the problem? i have to understand why cooling fans running high on hdd? is cooling fan works well with ssd?

2. so i decided to use only ssd. everything was fine. but again there were some problems. with just ssd ... sometimes pc cant detect internal hdd or of my external 1tb hdd. when detects internal one sometimes it shows my pc need to be repaired or sometimes it works fine with . if it can detects external hdd, transfer rate will b too slow. i dont kltnow why. i tried with every usb port . but same problem. with just ssd, same condition for xternal hdd. my bios version 208 nd i tried to change some bios setting like secure boot , launch csm . even i set bios to restore default. not worked.

so guys it seems ... i have to return my ssd. because i already replaced my laptop :P for another problem. and only just hdd works. so someone please helps me who has g750jx-cv200h version ( display 120hz 3d glossy, nvidia 770 3gb ddr5, 16gb ram, 750gb 7200rpm wd hdd) and installed ssd. or any pro guys heeeeeelpppppppp me. i just want to try for last time...because opening the backcover is easy u know that :P