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01-07-2014, 06:18 PM
Hello again. Most of my time using this laptop goes to benchmarking and testing overclocks.

Note not all cpus and gpus will be exactly the same.

I've successfully been able to get a stable system with xtu @ 3.6ghz with -49.8mv and GPU @900mhz core and 6000mhz memory.

My two main programs for testing stability were XTU for stressing memory and cpu, and Tomb Raider 2012 maxed with all options and max anti aliasing with tressfx hair for gpu benching.

Stock cpu 702 XTU score, 710 for overclock no undervolt and 728 for overclock and undervolt. Stock stressed cpu @ 3.4ghz was 77f temp for 10 minutes and @3.6ghz without undervolt 79f temp for 10 mins and with undervolt 78f.

GPU was a little more difficult. The max of 932mhz+boost=979 with 6000mhz memory would throttle to 966mhz due to the "performancecapreason" of "power".

I played around with the core clocks and memory of gpu but even 100mhz past 6000mhz memory gave some trouble. My thoughts on the main reason is the voltage. There's not enough power going into the gpu for higher stustained clocks.

I was not willing to overvolt anything, hence I stopped tweaking gpu. Overall I am satisfied with my findings.

In summary, there's about a 5% increase in performance with cpu overclock and then an average of 15% increase with gpu oveclock.

For more details on overclocking please visit this link from user adamsyes. His thread is detailed on how to overclock and other bits of useful info.