View Full Version : Its Alive Once Again G60VX

01-07-2014, 07:21 PM
Opened the closet the other day and saw an old favorite up on the shelf.
My G60VX sitting collecting dust, so down she came and plugged her in. Harddrvie dead :(
Well added an extra harddrive that I had lying around and reloaded windows 7, after all the updates she seemed ready for round two.
Loaded steam and downloaded my account fired up the old games and she was running well.
Loaded World of Tanks set up for lowest settings getting between 40-54fps not too bad, ping with a direct connection in the 60ms.

Well since I have long sold my gaming Asus G75 Laptop and want to play around again, I figured for a few upgrades to see what life I can get out of her.
Purchased a T9800 off of ebay for $57.00 took out the old P7450 slid in the newer chip replaced the paste cleaned the fan (still havent done the cooling mods yet but they are coming) plugged her in turned her on and wham. SHes now running the T9800 with no problems.

Will try her out tonight on gaming as I am at work doing this during breaks.